Michael Alstad is an artist and independent curator working in installation and digital media with a focus on architectural and public space. His work encompasses a diverse range of media including video, installation, photography, networked art, locative media and research based practice. Many of Michael’s projects share a common thread – a method of inquiry into the built environment by close observation, research and consideration of the context/history of place. His web, video, installation, and photo based works have been included in many international media arts festivals, on-line exhibitions, galleries and public sites. Michael is a founding member of the Canadian artist collective Year Zero One where he has curated numerous projects in the past decade including the award winning TXTilecity & Queerstory locative history apps and Terminal Zero One – the first digital interactive networked art exhibition at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport.

Michael’s early projects from the 1990’s can be viewed on his archive site.