Dubious Views

Dubious Views is an online exhibition funded by the Virtual Museum Project of Canada, and produced by Gallery TPW. Dubious Views interrogates institutional representations in tourism, surveillance, and mapping, and is divided into two halves: “Subversive Souvenirs” and “Subversive Cartography”.

Curators: Michelle Kasprzak, Michael Alstad, Shawn Micallef

Artists include: David Rokeby, Surveillance Camera Players, Michelle Teran, Proboscis, Sylvia Grace Borda, Janet Cardiff, Eugene Atget, Nikki S. Lee, Charles Marville, Roger Minick, [murmur], N.E. Thing Co., Shelley Niro, Louise Noguchi, Mitch Robertson, Ed Ruscha, Camille Turner, Jin-me Yoon, and more.