The Transmedia urban screens project, a series of 3 exhibitions that appeared on several public screens in Toronto through a 6 year period, was initiated by Michael Alstad in 2000 and produced by Year Zero One. Alstad's video 15 Second Blowjob premiered at  Transmedia 2002 in Toronto where each artist was limited to a screening time of 15 seconds.

Andy Warhol created the seminal film Blow Job in 1964. He extended the duration of his early silent works by having them projected at a slower rate than what it was originally shot at (16 frames per second instead of 24). Commenting on the ephemeral nature of media and celebrity culture, Alstad had to speed things up a bit - Warhol's 35 minute Blow Job was condensed into 15 seconds - the duration of a standard video billboard ad slot.

15 Second Blowjob was included in the Manchester Urban Screens festival, the Rotterdam International Film Festival, OutVideo Festival - Ekaterinburg, Russia and the Free Sample exhibition - MSVU Art Gallery, Halifax.