Year Zero One

Year Zero One (YZO), founded in 1996 by Toronto artist's Michael Alstad + Camille Turner, is a non-profit media arts organisation committed to the production, development and presentation of electronic media art through networked exhibitions and site-responsive projects in public space. YZO produced dozens of large-scale projects including the first exhibition of interactive electronic art at Toronto's Pearson International Airport, and early creative explorations of public urban screens and geographic information systems.

Michael has curated projects, either collaboratively or independently, under the YZO banner, for the last decade. YZO has worked with a wide range of partners and collaborators which include: InterAccess Electronic Media Arts Centre, Subtle Technologies Festival, Wireless Toronto, Instant Coffee Collective, Avatar, Méduse, DareDare, CRUM, ZKM , MECAD, WRO Media Art Biennale, Scratch Projections, The McLuhan Programme in Art and Technology, Critical Media Society, Île Sans Fil, Mobile Digital Commons Network, Pixel Gallery, Soil Digital Media, YYZ Artists Outlet, OBX Lab, WIDE Studio, the Greater Toronto Airport Authority, Textile Museum of Canada and the Canadian Lesbian & Gay Archives.

slideshow images: Medium Massage 2.0, Contingent Ecologies, Terminal01, Transmedia 29:59, Pixel Plunder, Geostash